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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Obama in his own words ADMITS that his Health Plan WILL ELIMINATE private insurance!

Obama's goal is to ultimately eliminate Private employer provided insurance.

Watch this video of Obama Lying about healthcare.
(Obama S.E.I.U. forum on health care 3/24/07, Barney Frank, Jan Schakowsky all admitting a public option will put the private insurance industry out of business)

Obama and his pals are exposed as the liars that they are. He was clearly lying then or lying now. Unless you want another 15% of the economy taken over by this corrupt government let your voice be heard. The White house has responded to the video by putting out their own video saying "we won’t take over health care." (and we're supposed to BELIEVE them? --yeah right?) They are ignoring what has been said in the past and not denying it. That’s because he was being transparent then but after the election it’s a whole new ball game.

Read what else Obama's healthcare bill has in store for all of us:

You can also read the actual bill itself here:

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  1. Not too mention that when the government controls health care they decide what health services you get and don't get. Do you HONESTLY believe they are going to choose to spend money on getting services for EVERYONE? Health care WILL BE rationed.

    Plus, the system will get overloaded FAST since it will be free SO MANY will go for the littlest of health issues.


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