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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Better to be prepared--Just in Case!

I admit I didn't want to pass on this information.
Aren't we all stressed out enough!?

Then I thought, well, sadly, it CAN happen! and everyone DOES need to be AWARE and PREPARED, just in case!

Here in California, we all have earthquake preparedness kits, with medical supplies and water and flashlights, batteries, canned food, even two-way radios--JUST IN CASE!

But are we prepared for a terrorist attack, nope! Not really.
Is that foolish? Considering the times we live in, probably, yes! (especially, coupled with the fact that we have a president who befriends our enemies and is releasing extreme terrorist prisoners. )

As someone wise once said, "When your enemies are cheering for the person you just elected as president, then you've already lost."

The email below gives some suggestions to be better prepared in a terrorist attack- Just in case!

And ultimately, this email needs to remind us that in this world, we're just passing through. Life is fleeting. Don't take the people you love for granted. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Live life Abundantly!

Love, Marisela



Juval Aviv was the Israeli Agent upon whom the movie ' Munich ' was based. He was Golda Meir's bodyguard -- she appointed him to track down and bring to justice the Palestinian terrorists who took the Israeli athletes hostage and killed them during the Munich Olympic Games.

In a lecture in New York City a few weeks ago, he shared information that EVERY American needs to know -- but that our government has not yet shared with us.

He predicted the London subway bombing on the Bill O'Reilly show on Fox News stating publicly that it would happen within a week. At the time, O'Reilly laughed and mocked him saying that in a week he wanted him back on the show. But, unfortunately, within a week the terrorist attack had occurred.

Juval Aviv gave intelligence (via what he had gathered in Israel and the Middle East )to the Bush Administration about 9/11 a month before it occurred. His report specifically said they would use planes as bombs and target high profile buildings and monuments. Congress has since hired him as a security consultant.

Now for his future predictions. He predicts the next terrorist attack on the U.S. will occur within the next few months.

Forget hijacking airplanes, because he says terrorists will NEVER try and hijack a plane again as they know the people on board will never go down quietly again. Aviv believes our airport security is a joke -- that we have been reactionary rather than proactive in developing strategies that are truly effective.

For example:

1) Our airport technology is outdated. We look for metal, and the new explosives are made of plastic.

2) He talked about how some idiot tried to light his shoe on fire. Because of that, now everyone has to take off their shoes. A group of idiots tried to bring aboard liquid explosives. Now we can't bring liquids on board. He says he's waiting for some suicidal maniac to pour liquid explosive on his underwear; at which point, security will have us all traveling naked! Every strategy we have is reactionary.

3) We only focus on security when people are heading to the gates. Aviv says that if a terrorist attack targets airports in the future, they will target busy times on the front end of the airport when/where people are checking in. It would be easy for someone to take two suitcases of explosives, walk up to a busy check-in line, ask a person next to them to watch their bags for a minute while they run to the restroom or get a drink, and then detonate the bags BEFORE security even gets involved. In Israel, security checks bags BEFORE people can even ENTER the airport.

Aviv says the next terrorist attack here in America is imminent and will involve suicide bombers and non-suicide bombers in places where large groups of people congregate;(i.e. Disneyland, Las Vegas casinos, big cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, etc.- and that it will also include shopping malls, subways in rush hour, train stations, etc., as well as rural America this time (Wyoming , Montana , etc.). --In other words--NO ONE is safe!

The attack will be characterized by simultaneous detonations around the country (terrorists like big impact), involving at least 5-8 cities, including rural areas.

Aviv says terrorists won't need to use suicide bombers in many of the larger cities, because at places like the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, they can simply valet park a car loaded with explosives and walk away. Aviv says all of the above is well known in intelligence circles, but that our U. S. government does not want to alarm American citizens' with the facts. The world is quickly going to become 'a different place', and issues like 'global warming' and political correctness will become totally irrelevant.

On an encouraging note, he says that Americans don't have to be concerned about being nuked. Aviv says the terrorists who want to destroy America will not use sophisticated weapons. They like to use suicide as a front-line approach. It's cheap, it's easy, it's effective; and they have an infinite abundance of young militants more than willing to 'meet their destiny'.

He also says the next level of terrorists, over which America should be most concerned, will not be coming from abroad. But will be, instead, 'homegrown'-- having attended and been educated in our own schools and universities right here in the U. S.

He says to look for 'students' who frequently travel back and forth to the Middle East .. these young terrorists will be most dangerous because they will know our language and will fully understand the habits of Americans; but that we Americans won't know or understand a thing about them.

Aviv says that, as a people, Americans are unaware and uneducated about the terrorist threats we will, inevitably, face. America still has only have a handful of Arabic and Farsi speaking people in our intelligence networks, and Aviv says it is critical that we change that fact SOON.

So, what can America do to protect itself? From an intelligence perspective, Aviv says the U.S. needs to stop relying on satellites and technology for intelligence. We need to, instead, follow Israel 's, Ireland 's and England 's hands-on examples of human intelligence, both from an infiltration perspective as well as to trust 'aware' citizens to help. We need to engage and educate ourselves as citizens; however, our U.S. government continues to treat us, its citizens,'like babies'. Our government thinks we 'can't handle the truth' and are concerned that we'll panic if we understand the realities of terrorism. Aviv says this is a deadly mistake.

Aviv recently created/executed a security test for our Congress, by placing an empty briefcase in five well-traveled spots in five major cities. The results? Not one person called 911 or sought a policeman to check it out. In fact, in Chicago, someone even tried to steal the briefcase!

In comparison, Aviv says that citizens of Israel are so well 'trained' that an unattended bag or package would be reported in seconds by citizen(s) who know to publicly shout, 'Unattended Bag!' The area would be quickly & calmly cleared by the citizens themselves. But, unfortunately, America hasn't been yet 'hurt enough' by terrorism for their government to fully understand the need to educate its citizens or for the government to understand that it's their citizens who are, inevitably, the best first-line of defense against terrorism.

Aviv also was concerned about the high number of children here in America who were in preschool and kindergarten after 9/11, who were 'lost' without parents being able to pick them up, and about our schools that had no plan in place to best care for the students until parents could get there. (In New York City , this was days, in some cases!)

He stresses the importance of having a plan, that's agreed upon within your family, to respond to in the event of a terrorist emergency. He urges parents to contact their children's schools and demand that the schools, too, develop plans of actions, as they do in Israel .

Does your family know what to do if you can't contact one another by phone? Where would you gather in an emergency? He says we should all have a plan that is easy enough for even our youngest children to remember and follow.

Aviv says that the U.S. government has in force a plan that, in the event of another terrorist attack, will immediately cut-off EVERYONE's ability to use cell phones, blackberries, etc., as this is the preferred communication source used by terrorists and is often the way that their bombs are detonated..

How will you communicate with your loved ones in the event you cannot speak?

You need to have a plan.

If you believe what you have just read, then you must feel compelled to share this with every concerned parent or guardian, grandparents, uncles, aunts, whatever and whomever. Nothing will happen if you choose not to do so, but in the event it does happen, this particular email will haunt you..."I should have sent this to..... ", but I didn't believe it and just deleted it as so much trash.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Palin says deciding when life begins 'isn't above her pay grade'

EVANSVILLE, IN - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, speaking at a pro-lfe group's dinner, criticized President Barack Obama for supporting abortion rights and challenged the idea that unplanned pregnancies are a nuisance that can be solved by abortion.

Palin, the 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate, spoke to an overflow crowd organizers said numbered 3,000 at the Vanderburgh County Right to Life banquet Thursday night. Some in the crowd wore white "Palin 2012" T-shirts. Earlier, GOP National Chairman Michael Steele described her as one of the party's standard bearers, though he said it was too early to judge what her standing would be in three years.

Palin said the challenges she faced during her pregnancy with her son Trig, who was born with Down syndrome, gave her an opportunity to live out her pro-life beliefs. She said she prayed often during her pregnancy, especially after tests revealed that her son would be born with the condition. "The moment he was born, I knew that moment my prayers had been answered," Palin said. "Trig is a miracle. He is the best thing that ever happened to me and I want other women to have that opportunity."

Sarah Palin 3She challenged the notion that children must be born perfect and that unplanned pregnancies are inconvenient and can be ended by abortion. "I know for sure my son is perfect just as he is, made in the image of God," she said. She asked the crowd to keep working for the "culture of life" in America. "Life is ordained, life is precious," she said.

Palin said women who can't give birth should have the opportunity to adopt children who might otherwise be aborted. She mentioned that her own daughter Bristol became pregnant as an unmarried teen and has since given birth to a son.

Palin also took Obama to task for his support of abortion rights and embryonic stem-cell research.

She said deciding when babies get human rights isn't above her pay grade -- a reference to Obama's response to a question from the Rev. Rick Warren last year. The Democrat said such questions were above his pay grade.

Palin received at least two standing ovations. After the speech, she addressed an overflow crowd in another room and thanked them for their support.

Michael SteeleDuring a news conference earlier, Steele said Palin is among a crowd of GOP standard bearers that includes fellow governors Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Mark Sanford of South Carolina. He also cited other prominent party figures, including former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and two congressmen -- Eric Cantor and Mike Pence. "We have a significant number of men and women in our party who are in a very good position right now to carry forward the standard of the GOP," Steele said.

Pence represents Indiana and Cantor is from Virginia. Many Republicans also look to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal as a presidential favorite in 2012.

Palin hasn't ruled out a White House bid. Steele said it was too early to gauge what her standing would be in 2012.

Palin was cheered wildly as she entered the banquet hall with her husband, Todd. She stopped to sign autographs before taking her seat.

Good for you Miss Prejean!!!

Carrie Prejean told that she had "no regrets" and was happy with the answer she gave when a Miss USA judge, the gossip blogger Perez Hilton, asked about her stance on same-sex marriage.

"I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman," she said on the live broadcast. "No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised."

One person who was offended was Keith Lewis, co-director the Miss California competition, which Prejean won to make it into the Miss USA pageant. Lewis told that he was "saddened" by Prejean's statement.

"I am personally ... hurt that Miss California believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman," said Lewis in a statement.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Truth About My Arrest at USC

by: John Ziegler

I have had a rather bizarre career in media, but what happened last week on the campus of USC here in Los Angeles may end up marking one of the strangest and most disturbing episodes yet. I went to USC intending to simply let as many people as possible know that the award for “journalism excellence” they were giving Katie Couric for her Sarah Palin interview was a complete farce. To prove my point, I wanted to give away copies of my film “Media Malpractice,” which has my own Sarah Palin interview as a special feature. Instead, I ended up getting handcuffed, “arrested,” roughed up, detained, threatened, and forced off the premises.

For those that may have missed the incredible video of the incident, here is how the episode was played on Fox News Channel:

While that report provided a good overview of what happened, there is a lot more to say about this situation, largely because there has been so much misinformation, so many irresponsible accusations, and so much blatant hypocrisy in the general reaction to the remarkable videotape.

Now, one would think that there wouldn’t be much confusion about a situation that was videotaped in its entirety by not one but two cameras who were acting largely independently of the primary actors (we have posted a nearly real-time version of the entire affair at, but unfortunately that is clearly the case. I would like to try to address some of these issues here.

First, one of the ways that those on the left have used to try to avoid having to hold their nose and support the free speech rights of a rabble-rousing “conservative,” is that USC is a “private” school and therefore they had the right to kick me out for no purpose. I even saw one prominent blog with the headline “Ziegler Arrested for Trespassing on Private Property,” which is just laughably false.

While USC is indeed a “private” school, this does not in any way legally make their property like that of a private residence. First, they take federal tax money, and second it has a very “open” campus and the area I was in has direct access from a public street without even a gate blocking the way. At any given moment there are many people walking on the sidewalks where I was arrested who are neither students, faculty nor invited guests of the University. I had every right to be there (outside the building where the award ceremony took place) and I did nothing to provoke or warrant being handcuffed, arrested or removed from the property. It is very clear the only reason that happened was because of my previously expressed political opinion on what was going on that day. In short, I was targeted for different treatment because of my beliefs.

The next tactic many have tried, in order to avoid facing their own politically induced hypocrisy on free speech, is to minimize the incident by saying that I was not “arrested” and that what happened was not a big deal.

While in the end I was not charged (I was told that I would indeed be booked at LAPD headquarters), that was only because higher authorities saw that the campus police “arrest” was clearly problematic if not completely bogus. After I was already “arrested,” they shifted gears and told me that I basically had two choices: leave the premises or be charged along with the two photographers who did not work for me and who in no way bargained for such a situation. Not wanting to put them in jeopardy and seeing that I could not possibly do anything further to achieve my original goal of educating those attending the awards, I decided, under threat of prosecution, to leave the grounds.

But make no mistake, I was arrested. I was handcuffed and detained against my will for an extended period of time with my microphone and blackberry taken from me. The photographers were also told to stop shooting under threat of arrest themselves. And, as the video clearly shows, my wrists were significantly bruised by the handcuffs that I had rightly complained were put on way too tight.

All of this happened obviously not because of my actions but because of my political view on the proceedings. In effect, I was being punished, repressed, and physically harmed as a form of prior restraint because they anticipated that I might do something to disrupt the proceedings based on my prior writings and commentary on the event (in which I never claimed I would do anything more than exactly what I tried to; give away copies of my film as an educational exercise). No matter how hard liberals try to rationalize it, this makes this a very obvious case of a blatant free speech violation.

Another way that commentators (including some on the right) have attempted to ignore the very serious First Amendment implications of this case, is to say that I set this up as some sort of publicity stunt to promote my film.

First of all, this could not be more irrelevant to the constitutional issues involved here. Second of all, I ask you to consider how the media would have reacted if the exact same events had happened to Michael Moore (which of course it wouldn’t because as a liberal he would never have anything to get upset about at a major academic institution and, even if he did, he would automatically get far more leeway from the authorities). I don’t think anyone could possibly argue that vast portions of the new media would ignore the episode despite the amazing video and the fact that it was up on Drudge for well over 24 hours.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, while obviously I welcome anything that raises awareness of my film and its truth, THIS WAS NOT A PUBLICITY STUNT and I had absolutely zero intention or expectation of anything like this happening. I honestly thought that I would go, ask a few embarrassing questions of the authorities, give away my film, and hopefully be able to speak to some of those who were going to the event so that I could share with them the real truth of the matter.

For those cynics out there (I am one, by the way) who still don’t believe me, I ask you to answer the following questions.

If this was a publicity stunt, why didn’t I force the authorities to book me so that I would get a mug shot and face formal charges which would exponentially increase the media coverage of the event?

If I anticipated anything like what occurred, why did I park my car in a metered parking space where if I was gone for more than an hour the chances of my car being towed would be extremely high?

If I wanted this to occur, why did I not have any scripted lines ready to go or any sort of publicity machine mobilized to take advantage of the news potential of the incident? Why did I have to call my lawyer after I got kicked off the property to see if what the law said about what one could do at a “private” university.

While I completely understand the skepticism, any objective look at the facts or at who I am as a person will force you to conclude that my motives were actually rather pure here.

The last bastion of scoundrels looking to distract from the real issues in this case is to focus on me as an individual and transparently distort some of the more colorful stories of my past as a way of destroying me personally. Not only is this a deceitful and clearly politically motivated scheme, but in many ways it is also the most dangerous tactic. For if we do not protect the free speech rights of the most unpopular or misunderstood among us, then we allow the free speech rights of everyone to be precariously weakened.

As you can see in the videotape, I am essentially laughing through most of the ordeal. I think this was out of shock more than anything else. Since this happened, my emotions have turned much more towards anger and sadness for what this means for the state of our freedoms in this rapidly changing country.

One of the things that has infuriated me most since the arrest has been USC’s e-mail response to the many people who have complained on my behalf over what they saw on the videotape.

Here is the e-mail that the Dean of the USC journalism school is sending out. In bold is where I have commented on the parts that are lies, distortions, or nonsensical statements.

Thank you for your communication about the recent incident that took place at the Cronkite Awards ceremony involving an individual named John Ziegler. I want you to know the background of the situation.

In the days before his appearance on our campus, Mr. Ziegler publicly stated an intention to “demonstrate” (not true. I used the word ”protest” and later sent out a private e-mail to my website’s mailing list telling my “followers” NOT to come or protest, my op-ed and press release on the matter said only that I would be giving out copies of my film) against the presentation of a journalism award to Katie Couric. USC was happy to accommodate Ziegler and provided him with a designated area where he could register his protest (not true. that was not offered until after I was handcuffed and was irrelevant because I was not “protesting” but rather asking questions), be seen by attendees at the event, as well as students, and pass out whatever materials he wished.

On the day of the award ceremony, Mr. Ziegler arrived on campus with two cameramen (not true. we arrived separately and they did not work for me), not as a demonstrator, but as a journalist (really?? that’s very interesting and certainly not how they treated me), and demanded (false, I asked and never even pursued entering, only asking for a rationale for why I was not allowed to) that he and his cameramen be allowed to enter the Davidson Center to cover the event. There was in fact, pool coverage set up because the room was not large enough to accommodate multiple camera crews. He was told he could have that feed, which he refused (not true, I would have been happy to have the feed and inquired as to how to get it). After being told repeatedly that the event was by invitation only, he contended he had a right to roam up and down the entryway with his cameramen (I didn’t have the right to be on an “open” campus that takes federal money??!), and he persisted in refusing to comply with the University’s request that he stay within a designated area (not true, that was after I was handcuffed) . After repeated requests for compliance, Mr. Ziegler was given the choice of either being arrested or leaving campus. He chose to leave campus (false, after being handcuffed. I was told I was under arrest and would be booked, then the LAPD and some higher ups arrived and I was told to leave or I would be booked and the camera people would be as well).

The University both respects and facilitates freedom of speech and expression on campus (just not for conservative filmmakers asking about bogus awards given to liberal media members), but also reserves the right to set reasonable ground-rules to avoid disruption to its operations and protect the rights of others (which was in no way endangered in this situation). We at the Annenberg School have a powerful and evident commitment to protecting and promoting freedom of expression and the rights of the press (really??). I respect your feelings about how this incident was handled (gee, I wonder why!).


Ernest J. Wilson III

Dean and Walter H. Annenberg Chair in Communication

Wow. If that that e-mail is any indication of the type of journalism Dean Wilson is teaching future journalists at USC, things are far worse than even I thought! What is most amazing to me is that the whole thing is on videotape and they are still blatantly lying about how things transpired!

The bottom line here is that what happened to me was a grave injustice that should concern every freedom-loving American regardless of their political persuasion.

Just like I will not be intimidated in my crusade to correct the historical record about what really happened with regard to the media coverage of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin in the 2008 Presidential election, I will not allow media hypocrisy, apathy and hatred of conservatives to stop me from making sure the free speech rights of all Americans are as fully protected as possible.

I plan to aggressively pursue my legal rights in this matter (already, USC has stupidly rejected an incredibly generous settlement offer that included no money, but rather only an apology and a full page in the school newspaper) and intend to formally announce those plans soon.

John Ziegler is the author of the “The Death of Free Speech” and the producer of “Media Malpractice…How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted.”

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Man detained and harassed at airport for carrying CASH!

April 6, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Campaign for Liberty’s very own Steve Bierfeldt has become an unexpected Internet sensation -- and the latest target of over-reaching federal government agents.

You see, Steve was detained by Airport Police and TSA officials shortly after the Campaign for Liberty regional conference in St. Louis.

The officials rudely berated and harassed Steve for 30 minutes in a secluded room at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Fortunately, Steve was able to record nearly all of the interrogation with his cell phone.

Steve’s alleged “crime”? Carrying $4,700 in checks and cash from Campaign for Liberty, along with various other materials from our conference.

The local and Federal agents harassed Steve. They were belligerent, cursing and using insulting language. They threatened to turn Steve over to the DEA and the FBI, all the while refusing to inform him of his legal rights or explain how cash and checks threatened airplane or airport security.

Throughout the interrogation, Steve remained polite but resolute and declined to answer the invasive questions without an adequate explanation from these federal and local agents as to why they needed to be answered. Without telling Steve what law he was accused of breaking, they continued their harassment.

Although they grew increasingly frustrated that he remained committed to exercising his rights, intervention from another officer eventually led the police to reluctantly release Steve.

Last Wednesday, Steve appeared on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch to discuss the flagrant violation of his rights and to promote the importance of each of us defending our civil liberties.

Now, Steve’s appearance on Freedom Watch – which features several minutes of the audio tape – has gone viral.

Click here to watch the segment, which has become one of the most viewed videos on YouTube.

Steve’s ordeal is a reminder to all patriots that liberty is constantly under fire, and we must remain vigilant and prepared to stand up for our rights.

In Liberty,

John Tate
President, Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Campaign for Liberty staffer Steve Bierfeldt’s appearance on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano has gone viral! Click here to watch the interview, which features audio tape of Steve’s harassing interrogation by TSA officials and local police in St. Louis Missouri and Steve’s resolute stance for liberty.

P.P.S. The Washington Times picked up on Steve's story yesterday. Click here to read the article.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Did You Contribute To Your Own Unemployment?

by Jimm Motyka Dec 25, 2008

If you're in manufacturing and unemployed, but shopped at Wal*Mart for Christmas gifts, take a look in the mirror, for you've contributed to a majority of the unemployment problems. I'm not saying you're solely the problem, but if the global corporations know you'll buy slave labor goods under the auspices of "good prices", then the cycle will just continue.

The problems started with NAFTA. When the globalist corporations knew they have the politicians in their back pocket, they could move "at will" any time they wanted.

To solve the problem, we need to end all free trade agreements...NOW! They don't work and they only enable the globalist elite to be the kings and queens in the chess game, leaving the majority of us as pawns (much like the actual game). It's not working! It hasn't been working.

And those who want to blame Bush have to see that NAFTA began in the Reagan years and was signed into law during the Clinton years. Both parties are in collusion with the lobbyists and global corporate political donors. I'm not a supporter of either political party, but an American first. It's not left versus right, but right versus wrong, and both parties have been terribly wrong for way too long! When corporations have lobbyists on their payrolls, just to have their "voices heard", something is direly wrong.

Whatever happened to we the people? Are we too busy following shallow things, such as TV shows, sports teams, and Hollywood to notice the invisible prison bars of tyranny is slowly descending upon us? Have we become too apathetic to understand that we, not the government, is where true change can only occur? Have we been driven into victim hood being considered a virtue that when people of true thoughts and change come along, we instantly dismiss it due to the security blanket of apathy and comfort of being the victim?

If any of this feels like it's hitting too closely to home, then you may agree that you've contributed to the problem. And if you are outraged by the thoughts of being part of the problem, then darn it, start being part of the solution. America doesn't need more Republican and Democrat cheerleaders sitting on the sidelines, playing the left/right game. America needs the playing field to be filled with America first patriots. If either of the two political parties has to die in this process, so be it. America was never birthed into being as a result of the two political parties, but the need to escape tyranny and control. We escaped England for this very reason, yet we cannot escape our country to go elsewhere. It must begin with ourselves.

So,in keeping with my own words,this is my proposal to the current economic situation. This is just one thought to change things, if anything, promote thought or have more thoughts contributed to this.

We could save the manufacturing base here, but it's going to take imposing tariffs on items imported to our borders. I would suggest an immediate 100% on any imported goods, beginning January 1st.

Now, if the item being manufactured is not 100% manufactured in the US, a tariff goes into place, based on the percentage of US produced items in the goods. It would work something like this.

If the item is 100% manufactured in the United States, 0% tariff.

If the item is 50% manufactured in the United States, 50% tariff.

Base the tariff on the percentage of the item's United States produced content.

Again, I don't see the Republicrats of Demopublicans (yes, I do find each party to be one in the same) ever endorsing this plan, but it's the only solution I can offer that can help save our country from going into a third world economical state. Until the American public see that this was incremental and meticulously planned for over decades,then we're going to keep slipping into this economical abyss.

My last comment/solution would be ending the privately run (yes, it's privately run and not a government institution) Federal Reserve Bank, but I'll rant about that in another post.

My best to everyone on this Christmas Day. My faith and hope are in something greater than our current economic situation, yet I find the need to assist those who are not in the same place as I am. I do pray for the most positive outcomes to happen in 2009. And if they go awry, I pray that we are guided through the coming storm. In Jesus' name...Amen!

Sickened by the recent tragedies

It seems like almost every month now I am hearing about horrible tragedies where innocent people are killed or injured in towns across the United States.

Not too long ago the shooting spree in Alabama, where a deranged gunman took the lives of 10 innocent people, including women and children.

The 4 police officers in Oakland, California who lost their lives by the hands of a sick maniac. These police officers left behind a total of 10 children who now do not have a father. To make matters worse, residents in Oakland were celebrating this sicko who murdered the police officers like he was some kind of hero or something. How sick is that?

Just about a week or so ago, in Carthage, North Carolina (about 1 hour south of where I live) 8 people were slain at a nursing home by the hands of a psychopath. 1 nurse and 7 elderly patients.

And the most recent, the Binghamton, New York Shooting that left 13 people dead at the American Civil Association.

As I hear about these horrible tragedies, I can only ask why? It seems like it is just getting worse and worse by the day.

Maybe I am just old fashioned, or maybe I am just a dreamer but why cant this world just live in peace? That is something that I pray on every night before I go to sleep.

The evil in this world is very real. God gives us free will but yet many people choose to take the path of the devil.

My heart goes out to all the people who not only have been affected the horrible events that I wrote about, but anybody who has lost a loved one by the hands evil.

I truly believe that when Jesus comes back as it says in Revelations, He is not going to be happy.