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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Did You Contribute To Your Own Unemployment?

by Jimm Motyka Dec 25, 2008

If you're in manufacturing and unemployed, but shopped at Wal*Mart for Christmas gifts, take a look in the mirror, for you've contributed to a majority of the unemployment problems. I'm not saying you're solely the problem, but if the global corporations know you'll buy slave labor goods under the auspices of "good prices", then the cycle will just continue.

The problems started with NAFTA. When the globalist corporations knew they have the politicians in their back pocket, they could move "at will" any time they wanted.

To solve the problem, we need to end all free trade agreements...NOW! They don't work and they only enable the globalist elite to be the kings and queens in the chess game, leaving the majority of us as pawns (much like the actual game). It's not working! It hasn't been working.

And those who want to blame Bush have to see that NAFTA began in the Reagan years and was signed into law during the Clinton years. Both parties are in collusion with the lobbyists and global corporate political donors. I'm not a supporter of either political party, but an American first. It's not left versus right, but right versus wrong, and both parties have been terribly wrong for way too long! When corporations have lobbyists on their payrolls, just to have their "voices heard", something is direly wrong.

Whatever happened to we the people? Are we too busy following shallow things, such as TV shows, sports teams, and Hollywood to notice the invisible prison bars of tyranny is slowly descending upon us? Have we become too apathetic to understand that we, not the government, is where true change can only occur? Have we been driven into victim hood being considered a virtue that when people of true thoughts and change come along, we instantly dismiss it due to the security blanket of apathy and comfort of being the victim?

If any of this feels like it's hitting too closely to home, then you may agree that you've contributed to the problem. And if you are outraged by the thoughts of being part of the problem, then darn it, start being part of the solution. America doesn't need more Republican and Democrat cheerleaders sitting on the sidelines, playing the left/right game. America needs the playing field to be filled with America first patriots. If either of the two political parties has to die in this process, so be it. America was never birthed into being as a result of the two political parties, but the need to escape tyranny and control. We escaped England for this very reason, yet we cannot escape our country to go elsewhere. It must begin with ourselves.

So,in keeping with my own words,this is my proposal to the current economic situation. This is just one thought to change things, if anything, promote thought or have more thoughts contributed to this.

We could save the manufacturing base here, but it's going to take imposing tariffs on items imported to our borders. I would suggest an immediate 100% on any imported goods, beginning January 1st.

Now, if the item being manufactured is not 100% manufactured in the US, a tariff goes into place, based on the percentage of US produced items in the goods. It would work something like this.

If the item is 100% manufactured in the United States, 0% tariff.

If the item is 50% manufactured in the United States, 50% tariff.

Base the tariff on the percentage of the item's United States produced content.

Again, I don't see the Republicrats of Demopublicans (yes, I do find each party to be one in the same) ever endorsing this plan, but it's the only solution I can offer that can help save our country from going into a third world economical state. Until the American public see that this was incremental and meticulously planned for over decades,then we're going to keep slipping into this economical abyss.

My last comment/solution would be ending the privately run (yes, it's privately run and not a government institution) Federal Reserve Bank, but I'll rant about that in another post.

My best to everyone on this Christmas Day. My faith and hope are in something greater than our current economic situation, yet I find the need to assist those who are not in the same place as I am. I do pray for the most positive outcomes to happen in 2009. And if they go awry, I pray that we are guided through the coming storm. In Jesus' name...Amen!

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