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This blog simply desires to share the truth, (and not just politically) and the truth is out there for those who seek it, we just blog about it, hence, Revelations of Truth!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to Revelations of Truth!

We are men and women from different walks of life and this is our very own Christian Conservative Revolution! This blog was born out of the frustration so many of us felt in the 2008 Presidential elections!

We decided to throw our shock, sadness, disappointment and funnel it into something positive and productive, such as this blog!

A place where we can come together and share and grow and learn (and even vent). We know we all have something to contribute and bring to the table.

We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas and join us on this journey! We welcome one and all in the spirit of truth and love!

Reminding all that TRUTH is ETERNAL and UNCHANGING! The facts may change as we learn more information, but truth remains the same!

Who knows what adventures this journey will lead us to and what great things may come of this! One thing is for sure--Buckle up-- It's gonna be a bumpy ride!!

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