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Saturday, March 14, 2009

If you fear 'Big Brother'....

Does anyone remember "Waldo"? I remember a series of books entitled, "Where's Waldo?" that came out when I was a kid! My mom had bought us several of the books in the collection. My sisters and brother and myself would have fun passing the time searching for Waldo in the pages of those books. Sometimes we'd challenge ourselves to see who could find Waldo first! Little did I know we were helping keep our young minds sharp! Now, I can help my own kids keep their minds sharp with those very same books. Can YOU find Waldo?

The technology available today that "Big Brother" is using (and often misusing) reminds me of Waldo only it's not fun and it's somewhat scary. When you first look at the photo below you can really only see a blob of people in the crowds but now you can literally zoom in with amazing detail. It's incredible! You can see EVERY single person no matter how far away in the crowd. You can literally find Waldo and Mark, and Kathy and Mary and ANYONE and EVERYONE that was there. I think I see my dad! ~Marisela

Click on this photo [in link below] taken of the vast crowd of people present at the Obama inauguration with a new “robotic camera.” Pick out any individual among the formless masses, and focus in upon him/her. This is the kind of surveillance technology that leaves no place to hide from the prying eyes of ‘Big Brother.’ There is no more getting lost in the crowd.

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