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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Candidate Obama vs. President Obama

Well, "President" Obama, the video above shows what I, and 57 Million other Americans, already knew during your campaign. All your pretty speeches were nothing more than empty words and we DID NOT vote for you! You NEVER fooled us!

But being that you are the president, how about actually doing something that truly benefits the American people and the long-term success of our nation! Oh, and didn't you attack Bush ad nauseam about the war and declared that you were going to begin to withdraw the troops IMMEDIATELY after being elected! Yet now you are saying you will be keeping them there "indefinitely" and even sending more troops to Afghanistan. Didn't you promise a "transparent" government? I guess that doesn't include secret meetings with corrupt top banking officials. Well, maybe one day you will be the President you so eloquently promised to be! (yeah, right!) I guess right now you are just too busy robbing future generations of Americans, spreading the murder of unborn babies, tearing away at our National Sovereignty, and whittling away our individual freedoms!

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